Thursday, December 30, 2010

Life is but a dream...

I won't tell you how I knew they were all my things, I just knew. The jogging outfit was a perfect fit, as were the sneakers...and both in my favorite color. What more could a guy ask for. Not sure what to do next, I took a jog towards the sounds of the town and hoped for the best.

From what I could tell it was a quaint area...I was still not convinced that I was not somewhere in rural Pleasantview. But the more I tried to remember the foggier the memories seemed. Jogging allowed me time to think...the pounding of my feet on the pavement in time with my breathing was almost trance like. Coming upon a sign I noticed it told me just what I was dying to know...where I was...

Welcome to Riverview!


Collecting myself, I turned back towards the barn, more confused with each passing moment. Maybe if I just got some rest I could sort some things out. Before heading to bed I checked the bookshelf. If I knew myself I would have a journal of some sort there. Hidden in plain sight, ah the ways of a wily casa nova *dry chuckles*.


Although I found one, the journal gave me little clues. It was as if I had been living here since...*thumbing back through the pages Don scans the dates at the top of each page* Now there is a shock...*thinking to himself and counting with both hands* that makes me a young adult!? I must have moved to this barn not long after moving from my parents basement...that would explain the familiar furnishings.

Settling in with my new found knowledge I began to drift to sleep. Was this "past life" I had been chasing all day just a figment of my imagination? Had the lovely neighbors in my hot tub and the juice fueld teleporter trip all been some sort of crazy dream?



In the morning I felt less on edge about my life...maybe this was all some crazy dream. I was just about to grab some cereal when there was a knock at the door. Peeking through the slats in the wooden door I saw her...

PhotobucketThere stood a statuesque redhead with an upset look on her face. Who in the world...? Struggling to recall her, my mind started to reel when all of a sudden memories flooded back to me...

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The afternoon when everything changed...

Hello fair readers, Don Lothario here. *chuckles to himself* Yes, the Don Lothario. Welcome to my world. I can't say it is as you may remember it. I have taken on several attempts over the years, but have never been able to truly tell my story. Now that I have your attention you will be sorry to hear that I have had a bit of a crisis. I don't remember much of my life as it was...I have a few foggy recollections here and there, but have come to accept this life as my own. How I was truly meant to live it.

I can tell you what I do remember of my old life. The afternoon when everything changed is imprinted on me. It was a warm night in Pleasantview, I had just finished soaking in my hot tub with a couple of lovely neighbors. Trust me, the juice had been flowing all afternoon and inhibitions were long forgotten when one of them suggested I try out this new teleporter my neighbor Bob had been working on in his backyard. My intent was to beam myself up to the local grocery store for a few more bottles of juice.


Next thing I knew I was waking up on the sidewalk in front of an old barn. My surroundings did not look all that familiar, but I figured it was just the darn teleporter sending me deep into the outlying farms of Pleasantview. A place a city slicker like me had not taken the time to pay much attention to.


I figured my best chance at finding my way home was finding out where I really was. I approached the door to the barn...and when I went to knock the door creaked open. What I saw stunned me. It was my stuff inside the barn. It absolutely looked like I had been living there and everything felt strangely familiar.


I looked around the room that had to be the main living space of the barn...that was my boombox! And I would know that armoire anywhere...I put those stickers on it as an angsty teen. But what were all my things doing in a barn? And a better question...where on Simearth was I?